Taken at Stauf's Coffee Roasters, Columbus, Ohio

Taken at Stauf's Coffee Roasters, Columbus, Ohio

  • "All happy families are alike; but goth families are unhappy due to their own fashion." - Tolstoy paraphrased

  • I heard some noises coming from the dark, empty kitchen but didn't go in there cause it was obviously a cereal killer.

  • Stella doesn't chase the vacuum. She stares it down instead. I'm expecting an Old West shootout in our living room one of these days.
    Except the vacuum will lose, cause it sucks at everything.

  • I'm looking forward to some escapist TV like "The Expanse." It's got spaceships, great acting, fantastic drama, and it's mostly out of this world.

  • Silica Gel shouldn't be so hard on itself. It's a Dessi-CAN not a Dessi-CANT.
  • My dianoga says we're trash-compatible.
  • I know a cheese importer. He's a real fon-do type of guy. A real gouda-getter.
  • My love for you is like my muffin top, I just spill over my genes.
  • How was that climb up Mt. Cleverest?
    Was it snow awesome?
  • Napoleon marched on a hairdresser. He made short work of him.
  • What did the anthropologist say to his girlfriend during an expedition? 
    I've got my eye-eye on you.
  • You had to be real careful about footwear in the Jurassic Period, otherwise you'd get dino-sores

All puns are Jordan Kurella originals. Her husband is not proud
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