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Hello again friends!!

I'll be at ConFusion in Detroit, MI next weekend on the writers' track doing panels and a reading!! I'd love to see you if you're there, so I thought I'd post my schedule to make it even easier for us to say, "Hi!"


Here’s my full ConFusion 2019 Panel Schedule:

Friday, 4:00pm in the Ontario Room: Running Productive Critique Groups 

With Tim Boerger, Lucy A. Snyder, Anthony W. Eichenlaub, and moderated by Karen Osborne

 Saturday, 10:00am in the Rotunda Room: A Reading

I'll be reading an upcoming flash/horror piece that I can't wait to share.
With Tim Boerger and Lucy A. Snyder

Saturday, 11:00am in the Southfield Room: Applying the Social Model of Disability to Genre Worldbuilding

With Sandee Rodriguez, Petra Kuppers, and moderated by Josef Matulich

Sunday, 11:00am in the Southfield Room: Tense and Point of View in Fantasy Today

With Dyrk Ashton, Jason Sanford, Amy Sundburg, and moderated by Teresa Nielsen Hayden


I'll be there with Stella, who will be working very hard during the entire convention. Please do her (and me) a big favor, and do not pet her. Thank you, and let's have a lot of fun!!


- Jordan